Galleri® Test

The Galleri® test from Grail is the first of kind multi cancer early detection platform. At Montecito Concierge Medicine, we prioritize screening measures, and we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Grail to bring the most technologically robust cancer screening measures to our patients.  


What is the Galleri® Test?

The Galleri® test is a one of a kind, and immensely powerful when combined with age-appropriate screening measures and imaging modalities, such as the Full Body Ezra MRI that we now offer as well. 71% of cancer deaths are caused by cancers not routinely screening for by even the most engaged primary care physicians; the Galleri® test fills the gaps in patients aged 50 and older by offering detection of more than 50 types of cancer via a simple blood draw.  

How Does it Work?

The Galleri® test detects abnormalities in the methylation patterns of DNA commonly associated with malignancy. Anormal methylation patterns change gene expression and contribute to tumor growth. Through machine learning and proprietary methylation detection, the Galleri® test can predict cancer, and the likely origin, with high accuracy.

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Why Screen?

The Galleri® early cancer detection test is designed for those at elevated cancer risk, either by family history or by age. All tests are discussed in detail with Dr. Viglione to ensure clinical relevance and to ensure a prompt, actionable game plan. Contact us today to learn more about pricing!