Asthma, or bronchial asthma, is a breathing disorder. Around 25 million Americans suffer from asthma, which can present as anything from having momentary difficulty catching your breath to needing a trip to the emergency room. Untreated, severe asthma can lead to death, and even mild cases can be a big problem, especially if you are an active person. At Montecito Concierge Medicine, we strive to offer our patients the care they need, when they need it. If you struggle with this issue, we welcome you to get in touch with our team and explore our management options today.


What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a common chronic condition over the course of which bronchial tubes in the lungs become inflamed. This can cause your airways to tighten and/or fill with thick mucous, making it hard for air to pass through. The onset of asthma is usually precipitated by specific triggers, which can include allergies, vigorous exercise, sickness, and anxiety. Due to this issue having multiple causes, allergy testing is needed to identify specific triggers.

What Are the Triggers?

Allergies are one of the most common triggers, whether you have an allergy to a type of food, pollen, or something else in the environment. Four out of five people with asthma are triggered by some kind of environmental allergy. Triggers vary from person to person. You may have one of these triggers, two or three, or a larger combination of triggers. Other than the triggers mentioned above, your asthma might be caused by certain medications, extreme weather, smoke/smoking, and even heartburn.

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How Do We Address Asthma?

If you are in respiratory distress, our team at Montecito Concierge Medicine can provide you with help. If you are experiencing chronic symptoms, the first thing we can probably do is give you an allergy test. If your asthma is the result of allergies, we recommend allergy immunizations that will resolve or considerably reduce the problem. We can also put you on one of a variety of medications for controlling this issue and restoring healthy breathing.

What Are the Symptoms?

The most notable symptom of asthma is difficulty breathing. You may experience wheezing, rales (bubbling sounds during inhalation), shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, and coughing. Symptoms can range in severity within each person, You may need only a few minutes to catch your breath, or you may find it almost impossible to catch a breath and in need of medical intervention. 

Find Asthma Treatments in Santa Barbara

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