IV Vitamin Infusions

Vitamins, especially vitamins like B12, are an important part of maintaining our inner balance. They help support nerve function, energy, proper metabolism, and the general health of our bodies. However, many of us don’t have time to get the vitamins we need, and when we only realize it when our energy levels have already been depleted. For this reason, Montecito Concierge Medicine has partnered with Sage IV to provide you with the added nutrition boost you need through IV vitamin infusions.


What Are Sage IV Vitamin Infusions?

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IV vitamin Infusions tackle a host of different concerns from stress to excess weight. These can be delivered as injections, IV drips, and supplements, and are each packed with minerals and vitamins necessary for optimal performance. Whether you’re an athlete who is trying to reach their peak performance or have just started an exercise regimen and want to lose excess weight, these infusions can be an excellent choice.

What Are the Benefits of IV Vitamin Infusions?

The primary benefits of IV vitamin infusions lie in the way they balance your system. These treatments can help anyone by increasing energy-boosting vitamins and enhancing weight-loss regimens. Many athletes seek Sage infusions for faster post-workout recovery with amino acids. Some turn to IVs for skin repair with vitamin C, glutathione, and antioxidant boosts. NAD+ IV Infusion therapy can offer anti-aging and memory benefits too. Additionally, Dr. Viglione will oversee every IV treatment and concierge members will receive discounts on all IV therapies.

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Why Should I Visit Sage IV?

Sage IV is a boutique IV hydration company based exclusively in Santa Barbara and led directly by Dr. Viglione and Mary Sidavanh to provide health and wellness to the community. Hydration therapy is provided in our beautiful location on Coast Village Road, but can also brought to the comfort of your own home upon request. Visit Sage IV’s website to learn more about the full treatment menu:


Sage IV Vitamin Infusions in Santa Barbara, CA

Are you in need of an evaluation? Our Santa Barbara providers can offer you a full examination and give you the IV therapy you need in collaboration with Sage IV. To get started, simply contact us for a FREE 15-minute consultation with our Dr. Alan J. Viglione. You can schedule by filling out the request form below or by calling us at (805) 892-6500.