While fatigue is a natural process that signals the body it is time to rest and recover, chronic fatigue can be a serious medical problem. Feeling tired after a grueling workout or even a busy week of running around is perfectly natural, but if you’re getting a full night’s sleep and still waking up feeling exhausted, it could be a sign that you need a bit of extra help. At Montecito Concierge Medicine, we offer fitness and dietary programs along with medical treatments to get at the heart of your condition and get you back to feeling happy and energetic again. 


What Are the Common Causes?

If you always feel tired, one possibility is that you are struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome. Although CFS is not fully understood, we know that there are treatments that can relieve symptoms. Excessive fatigue may also be the result of a viral infection, poor diet, or a lack of good sleep.

What Are the Signs of Fatigue?

The most notable sign of a fatigue problem is tiredness that doesn’t go away, even after a full, relatively uninterrupted night’s sleep. This tiredness is either not the result of strenuous activity, or you are not able to “bounce back” after strenuous activity  by resting. Constant muscle and joint pain and general achiness may also be signs of a problem.

Tired woman pinching the bridge of her nose

Fatigue Treatment Options

When you sign up with Montecito Concierge Medicine, we will do a full evaluation to assess your current health status. Dr. Alan J. Viglione will consult with you as you describe your symptoms in detail and come up with a treatment plan. We often find that direct IV infusions of vitamins and nutrients can provide significant and immediate results for those suffering with excessive fatigue. Doctor Viglione will also explore your sleep habits and your diet and exercise regimen and make adjustments as necessary if he deems these factors may be contributing to your tiredness.

Help With Fatigue With Montecito Concierge Medicine

Fatigue can be extremely frustrating because it can be so difficult to identify the cause without medical assistance. With personalized care from Montecito Concierge Medicine, you are putting yourself in the best position to relieve your fatigue symptoms. To learn more, contact us for an easy 15 minute consultation. Simply fill out and submit the form below to book an appointment or give us a call at (805) 892-6500.