Jamil Muasher, M.D.

Photo of Jamil Muasher

I am trained and board-certified as an Interventional Radiologist, a type of doctor who uses modern imaging to deliver specialized, minimally invasive medical care. I grew up on the East Coast and did my medical training at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the University of Virginia (UVA).  I’ve been part of the Central Coast medical community for the past 11 years and in that time have continually honed my focus and developed new professional interests, all in an effort to provide the highest quality care possible to the Santa Barbara community. 

I have passion for teaching my patients about the real-world impact of their imaging results and what they mean for their future health. Medical imaging is often confusing to patients and even to many physicians and I therefore strive to demystify the role of imaging in healthcare. This approach empowers my patients to make the best decision for themselves and their individual situation.

As the regional expert in prostate MRI interpretation, I’ve developed a particular interest in prostate cancer screening, which is currently undergoing a complete revolution thanks to MRI, resulting in fewer missed cancers and fewer unnecessary biopsies. I was first provider of targeted fusion biopsy of the prostate in both Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

As a board-certified venous disease specialist, I am one of the few providers in the region to offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of superficial venous disease, from small spider veins to large bulging varicose veins. I am therefore able to effectively treat patients with cosmetic concerns, medical problems or both. 

I have previously established my reputation in the local community as the medical director at Vein Specialists of Santa Barbara and as a senior partner at Pueblo Radiology and am thrilled to now be a part of Montecito Concierge Medicine where I look forward to being able to spend more time with my patients and deliver the best results possible.