House Calls

Few remember it now, but there was a time where house calls were a regular and expected part of any medical practice. However, as the population grew, especially in big cities, and doctors were spread thinner, it became less feasible for doctors to visit their patients every time they had a complaint or ailment. Montecito Concierge Medicine is proud to bring home treatment back into the medical picture.


What Is a House Call?

A house call is the informal name for a medical home visit. When you contact Montecito Concierge Medicine needing a house call, we will assess your medical concerns and arrange a time for Dr. Viglione or another member of our highly-qualified team to visit your home prepared to diagnose and treat your condition. We will do all we can to provide immediate relief, although depending upon your specific medical concern we may recommend further treatment or testing at our center when you are able.

Should I Get a House Call?

We prefer to see you at our health center if possible, because we have access to the full range of our state-of-the-art testing, diagnosis, and treatment tools. However, we recognize that there are times when travel is ill-advised or inconvenient. We are happy to provide house calls for non-emergency services for elderly or differently abled patients, as well as any members who feel too ill to come to us at the present time.

Fee for Service Home Visits

At Montecito Concierge Medicine we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to provide house calls as part of our concierge medicine program, or on a fee-for-service basis for those in need. The latter is perfect for those traveling out of town or those seeking the most comfortable, discrete solution to a more urgent need. Our team at MCM can bring the office to you; all our equipment is fully mobile, and we can perform a full diagnostic evaluation that includes point of care testing, blood draw, EKG, bedside ultrasound, a full physical examination, and treatment options that range from IV fluids, antibiotics, nausea relief, pain management, joint injections, and even wound care & suturing all in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. Home visits start at $400 with additional fees applicable per testing and treatment recommendations. Call us to learn more about pricing and availability!

Woman on the phone with her doctor who does house calls

Why Do We Offer House Calls at Montecito Concierge Medicine?

A concierge medical service means you get the health care you need according to your wishes. Dr. Viglione can bring the office to the comfort of the patient’s home, and even provide IV fluids, IV antibiotics, blood work, EKG, ultrasound, and full medical assessment and evaluation at the point of care.

When Can I Get House Calls With Montecito Concierge Medicine?

Our Concierge packages can include home visits, and additional home visits are discounted for all members.  Dr. Viglione also provides these services to non- members based on service pricing. To join, or learn more about how Montecito Concierge Medicine works, submit a request by clicking the button below or call us at (805) 892-6500.