Bone Score™ Testing

Montecito Concierge Medicine is proud to offer Bone Score™ testing as part of a focused functional assessment. Our bones are paramount to health & wellness, and at MCM we’ve partnered with Active Life Scientific to bring this new FDA-cleared technology into a novel patient specific risk assessment package. 


Why do we care about our bones?

There are 206 bones in the human body, and these form the physical attachment sites for ligaments and musculature. Bone health is critical for functional health. Although often considered analogous to structural scaffolding, this is a gross over-simplification because bone composition is constantly changing in response to internal and external influences. Hormones. Gut health. Chronic disease. Nutritional status. Exercise habits.  Alcohol. All of these factors influence fracture risk and have profound influence on health & wellness. 

Bone Score™ unlocks the power of touch. 

A bone score is a novel method of evaluating bone quality. Whereas the DEXA scan infers density via x-rays, a bone score is a direct tactile measurement of micro-indentation using a patented probe the size of an acupuncture needle. This unlocks another dimension to assessing bone health and allows your practitioner a powerful new tool to make personalized treatment recommendations.

Older woman lifting weights

What packages do you offer?

At MCM we offer two packages to personalize your needs:

1. Comprehensive bone evaluation includes a Bone Score™ combined with an included DEXA scan and consultation re: bone specific blood work with bone turnover markers. Included is a 1-hour consultation with our physician to develop a patient-specific bone health plan.

2. A Bone Score™ test without additional testing or discussion; this is appropriate for monitoring or follow up testing.  Call us today to discuss pricing!

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call us at (805) 892-6500 to make an appointment! We’ll discuss the options that best suit your needs, help coordinate DEXA scan scheduling at Pueblo Radiology, and transmit appropriate bloodwork to the local laboratory of your choice.