Hyperthyroidism is a thyroid disorder that can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. If you are suffering from symptoms like hand tremors, heart rate or excessive sweating, it may make sense to get your thyroid checked in order to see if hyperthyroidism is the problem. At Montecito Concierge Medicine, we put control over your treatment into your hands. If you are experiencing thyroid-related issues, we can provide you with the care you need on your own terms through our membership or fee for services options.


What Is Hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is a problem that occurs when the thyroid makes too much hormone. The thyroid is a gland at the front of your neck whose duties are making triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine, or T3 and T4. These hormones control your metabolism. When an overactive thyroid produces an excess amount of these hormones, unpleasant symptoms can result.

What Types of Hyperthyroidism Are There?

A common type of hyperthyroidism is one that is caused by Graves’ disease. This is an autoimmune disorder that creates antibodies that overstimulate the thyroid. Other types of hyperthyroidism can include thyroiditis, where the thyroid is inflamed, causing hormones to leak out. In some cases, this illness can also arise due to tumors, or an overdose of dietary supplements.

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What Are the Symptoms?

The release of excess T3 and T4 can put the body in a hypermetabolic state, where you have an elevated heart rate, high blood pressure and possibly hand tremors. Other symptoms can include a goiter, where the thyroid itself swells up, insomnia, anxiety, increased appetite, hair loss or brittle  hair, excessive sweating, chills, irregular heart beat, general restlessness, and breast development in men.

How Do We Treat Hyperthyroidism?

If we suspect hyperthyroidism, the first thing we will do is a thyroid stimulating hormone level test. This test, in conjunction with a thyroid scan or ultrasound, can give us a good picture of what is happening with your thyroid gland. Often, we will be able to treat your hyperthyroidism with antithyroid medication. Other treatments include radioactive iodine to destroy hormone-producing cells, and in more extreme cases, surgery. We will also want to examine and adjust your diet to include Vitamin D and calcium.

Addressing Hyperthyroidism in Santa Barbara

Hyperthyroidism can be a chronic condition that must be carefully managed. You want a doctor that knows you well and always has a strong personal interest in your case. You’ll always get that as a Montecito Concierge Medicine member. To find out more, give us a call at (805) 892-6500 or fill out and submit the form below to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation with Dr. Alan J. Viglione.